Space Clearing My Kitchen

Have you space cleared your kitchen? I have a few times, but recently, I've noticed it finally clicked.

My kitchen used to be constantly in a state of chaos. I am the queen of using 15 pans to make a meal :-) And with a little one, you do what you can and sometimes that took me away from the mess mid-stream. Anyone totally get me? Raise your hand, if you do! I never felt like I could manage all the stuff happening in my kitchen until recently.

About a month ago, I sprayed my entire house with a smudge spray and I recall giving a flick of extra attention to my kitchen counters. Just a flick. I mean, it was nothing huge at all.

About two weeks ago, I was "given" an idea. I had cleaned and sealed my counters so I had to take everything off of them. It gave me pause to see how I could set myself up for success, well at least attempt success.

You see, there's one counter that runs next to my refrigerator that collects ALL the junk that I don't want to deal with (and I full know that “undealt” with junk is indecision and bad energy--I'm human! haha). The "idea" was to move the fruit to a different counter and then make a vow to keep the "junk" counter clear--only the coffee maker and phone charger would be residents. (I don't do coffee, it's my husband's.)

Interestingly enough since the move, not only have I kept that counter junk-free, I have...

  1. Found a new way to organize hand-washed items so that they dry fast and enable me to put them away with total ease

  2. Kept another counter virtually junk-free --yay!

  3. Had the idea to soak all my dirty dinner pans during the night so morning clean up is a breeze (yes, my ideal clean up time is the AM)

  4. A new protocol of sweeping my floor with an old-school broom at least once a day instead of using the noisy Dyson creating more peace

  5. Felt an entirely new level of manageability in the kitchen which creates more time for other stuff (including working on my biz!)

I've taken a space healing course and performed them, too. I'm all for miracles and FAST change. But this kind of change has taken me many layers to get through. I actually remember cleaning my kitchen cabinets at the start of my deep self-healing journey 2.5 years ago. It was one of the steps I was given my by guides to complete. If you're curious, the other was to clean my office. ;-) (If you want to learn more about taking the self-healing journey, head here for more info.)

You see, while it's amazing to have a kitchen that's actually tidy looking sometimes, it's more amazing to me that I'm in a space where my energy feels so good clear that my "home-keeping skills" are reflecting that back. We know that what we see on the outside world is a manifestation to the inside. My energy isn't nearly as jumbled up as it once was. What is happening in my real world is a reflection of that. And I'm so grateful to each step of my journey for getting me to this point.

So get yourself clearing out your home (or specific areas) with some lovely ritual and intention or hire a space clearer. And then, take good care of your own self which starts with being truthful and real about what works and doesn't work for you. Clarity will come--spiritually, emotionally, and physically!