Being The Best Momma You Can

Last week at library time, I was sitting next to a passing herd of children who were chasing a bubble machine being carried by the librarian through the room. As he weaved through the floor full of moms/nannies and kids, the kids squealed in delight at the sea of bubbles that were created behind him.  As they passed me, I made eye contact with one little girl and boom, the tears just filled my eyes because my heart was flooded with her joy. (Empath much, right?)

These kids are the next generation of healers, problem solvers, and transformers.

I cried in the middle of the loud bubbly room because I was so humbled by the fact these tiny bodies are going to do HUGE work for the planet and her people. 

They are coming in with big purposes on their heart and need us to be their guiding, protective opportunity-makers. We need to be clear minded, grounded, and hold space for their growth.

You don’t have to be super-mom to be the person they need; they picked you because you already are what they need. Simply, strive to be the best momma you can--whatever that looks like each day.

That’s it. Follow the breadcrumbs. Follow your heart. If you get an idea for a spontaneous trip, go! If you feel you guys need some quiet downtime together, create that. Whatever your heart calls for you, do that!

But if you’re not quite feeling clear enough to even hear or see the breadcrumbs, grab my free DIY energy clearing protocol. Clearing our energy is like pulling out the gunk that stops up pipes. Once the energy is cleared (even a little!), there is space for us to get the intuitive information for ourselves so that we can be better, heal, and grow. The more healed we are, the more we can be available for our children's needs. See how it all connects?! :-) 

Lots of love,

P.S. If you would love to learn my signature clearing out process that I teach, come download my free step-by-step instruction guide!