Doubting Your Intuition

Ever find yourself in a place where you think you know what your inner knowing or intuition is saying about a decision but then doubt it? 

What if you are wrong? What if you are making up the answer? What if you are just really hoping for that specific outcome?

How do you know you legit are working with the “right” answer?

For me, this feels like two pieces that click together. When I have the right answer, it just feels complete. Like two halves of a circle that come together to make a whole. When they come together, it feels solid—no more wavering. 

Now if I am still weighing my options, I am not done going through the discernment process to decide. If I am still on the fence, nope, still not done. If I am still feeling anxiety or stress, I am not done.

Sometimes making a decision is easy with a quick intuitive answer that is simple and clean. Other times, it takes time and space for me to work things out. While following my heart (which is what I believe we should always do), I follow all the breadcrumbs to take me where I need to go. I may be given information that just doesn’t sit well with me yet to know what to do; that means there is more to dig up, find, or even just hold onto. (Often we get information that we just have to get used to. Energy and information can totally lift you up or out of something, but sometimes you’re not quite ready so you carry it with you until it feels right. It's an energy acclimation of sorts.)

When I have made my decision, I feel calm, clear and complete. 

My decision may scare the bejeezus out of me. But after getting the “right” answer from my heart and discernment, I know that I am on the right path. That gives me power to carry on and figure out how to make it all happen. At this point, I'll go back to my heart for more answers, direction, and guidance. Take a step and then get more answers, direction, and guidance. See the cycle here?

If you have trouble listening to you heart, I recommend starting to get yourself energetically clear. You can begin with one or all of the steps from my free DIY clearing protocol. There could be some massive gunk in your system that prevents you from be able to go there.

Remember, sometimes the right choice is right for the path and your expansion: it’s not necessarily the easy path of least resistance.