For the Tough Days

The reality is that no matter how aligned, cleared out, or grounded you feel, there are going to be days (or maybe periods of life) where stuff just sucks. Things go wrong, you get triggered, feel lost on how to manage yourself, or just feel unable to do the right thing. IT HAPPENS.

Life gets hard sometimes. We are constantly growing and being stretched to find new boundaries and edges of strength. When it’s ugly out, it’s so hard to hold that “the sun will come out tomorrow” [cue the cute little red head] song in our heart; at the same time, please, try to hold that hope. (I used to sing “Put on a Happy Face” until I felt my energy change when I was 13—it works!) Hold that belief that things will turn around. You’ll find your footing again. You aren’t forever lost. What happens today doesn’t condemn tomorrow. Miracles and energetic shifts can move so much very quickly.

So for you my friend who is having one of those days (or weeks, or whatever), I send my love and a big hug to you. I know you are an amazing momma and person because you are here with me. You are always doing your best, have a very high standard of care, take a great deal of time and effort to do things better, care so deeply about the long-game of your child’s life, and seek for deep answers within yourself; that’s all remarkable. Just. Like. You.

Lots of love & a little extra,


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