Changing Patterns by Clearing Out Our Energy

Did you get everything off your to-do list last week? Me neither. (There were even days I didn't write a list, haha!) We have different lists, but what’s the same is that we all intend to get stuff done.

I know that situational things happen that just prevent us from getting it done. (I call a day full of those "swimming in peanut butter" because so much effort goes out but there is nothing to show for it!)  But I also know that there are patterns we live in. Unless we change the pattern, we don’t change the outcome. 

The pattern is made up of past experiences, memories, and future projections; these are all pieces of energy. The great news is that we can work on changing that energy to change the outcome.

How do I know this so well?? I personally have struggle(d) with patterns like a messy house and the ways I respond (or don’t) to people, as a couple of examples. I am not immune from living in patterns that drive me bonkers. We all have this struggle of repeating same old behaviors that frustrate us or cause us to feel like failures.

That’s why in The Clearing Journey, we work on shifting and clearing out our energy. All of those shifts create new possibilities for how we do things and live life. Using my own energy protocol, I have seen those noted patterns above change in my life. Some of the patterns move quickly and others take more time to evolve because they contain layers I work through.

If the idea of changing your patterns is speaking right to you, you can put your name on the waitlist to hear about the next time the The Clearing Journey is open!