How To Bottle Up The Good Feelings

One of my long-time clients and a Clearing Journey momma asked me this really raw honest question.

"How do I bottle up the good feelings?"

The quick answer is that you don't.

Instead, you fully FULLY live in the moment. Give it all your attention. Reach to the bottom of your core taking in your little one's eyes, their tiny movements, their delicate voice. Cry! Let your well be filled. Feel all the joy that is bursting from your heart, let it pour out! Don't hold back! (That's the secrete here! You are allowed to have BIG feelings, just like them!)  Let them see you smile tears of happiness. (If they ask "Why you cry?" you can answer honestly like I do--"I'm crying because my heart is SO happy!")

There's no bottling it up, we must fully live it out! 

When we choose to let our heart burst in those moments, it raises our vibration. Our lives are a collection of these vibrations; the totality makes us who we are. 

That's why  it's so important that we live fully wholly in our hearts. We can string together an amazing experience of life by taking in these incredible moments.

Not to mention, bottling something up tells the universe you are saving it because you believe it's rare--more won't be coming. That's not an attitude of abundance, is it?

So let your heart be wide open for all the precious moments! Raise your vibration by just letting yourself deeply enjoy the parts of life that just melt your heart make you wanna yell from the mountain tops!

Memories are great, but a high vibration of love and joy will make all the difference to a happy fulfilled life.

Lots of love,

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