What I Recommend For a Momma New To Energy Work

We were sitting there talking, I was cruising along this interview. The vibe was good and I was in the flow. And then I had to pause.

I was recently interviewed for a podcast (the episode will be released this summer) and the host asked me a direct and fantastic question: What book(s) do I recommend for someone that wants to learn more about energy work?

It was the first time someone asked me this. Usually the question “What did you study to get where you are?”

So this new question was refreshing. The answer though isn’t clear cut. 

I don’t have a specific book title or author to point moms to. The reason is simple: I want you to see what YOU’RE drawn to. I want you to recognize and notice which breadcrumbs are being shown to you to guide you along. I want you to identify what are your own curiosities.

Learning new things in life is always about going where your heart and mind are excited. There isn’t one specific path we all take. 

One mom might start learning about energy work because her child has a long list of health problems that has required she go past conventional medicine to find help and healing. She may be introduced to the concepts of homeopathy or acupuncture by a chiropractor. And then later foot reflexology in a Facebook group. Then it evolves into EFT (emotional freedom tapping). She’s continuing to explore and discover!

Another mom may been crazy into “The Secret” before she got married or had kids because a friend of hers swore by the movie. After that, she dives into Quantum Touch. Then it takes a turn and she studies flower remedies. Off she goes continuing to learn!

There are many ways we are called to different forms of energy work. There is no right place to start—aside from your heart. Pay attention to what is shown to you and how you feel about it. You are receiving signs all the time, but are you noticing them?

That’s why the process in my Clearing Journey is so vital—without running processes to clear out the intangible energy of our system, we get a backlog and then become blind or deaf to the callings of our heart. We can’t sense what is trying to catch our attention which leaves us feeling super blah, confused, or stuck.

So how did I wind up answering the interview question? I said to go to the places you are drawn to. Read what captures your attention. Study what feels fulfilling. Above all, go with the options that you are naturally lead to and keep following those breadcrumbs!