What an "Up-Level" Feels Like

There are a few times in our life where we experience concentrated expansive “spiritual growth”. (I use quotes because I believe that we are spiritual beings here for a human experience, so we’re not growing per se, but more like having a moment of massive remembering.) These growing spurts are called up-levels. 

What’s an up-level? What can be changing?

Uplevels are like an upgrade in your energetic being. Examples of what might unfold for you:

  • You might realize that your inner knowing gets really accurate or strong

  • Flashes of visions begin to appear or get very frequent

  • More déjà vu happens

  • You notice signs from your angels, guides, or spirit team like never before

  • New psychic gifts open or hit a new level of ability

  • You feel super in-tune with you little one knowing what they need or want with more accuracy

Before you get this up-level completed, it can feel very weird in your emotions or body. Your energy field has already changed, but now the physical is processing the change. So it can feel like a bumpy or unpleasant ride.

In my own life, I experience up-levels in two different ways.

The one type of up-level brings me feels of total void. I feel empty emotionally, numb. My facial muscles feel frozen, I don’t smile. My physical body feels stiff and I’m about 15-20% present in my own skin. I definitely feel like I’m way “out there”. Oh, and deep exhaustion hits me like a tractor trailer! 

The other type is quite the opposite: I feel completely in flow, alive, and on-point! My emotional health feels exceptionally strong and confident. Physically, everything works as it should with ease and fluidity. Events in life are pretty effortless, it fits together like an easy puzzle.

Other symptoms you could be up-leveling:

  • Physically sick

  • Financial situation changes

  • Lack of clarity

  • Feel stuck or hopeless

  • You feel triggered more frequently or by things that never bothered you before

  • Organizing, decluttering, and cleaning like mad

The process of processing the up-level varies in duration from a few days to several weeks. Each unique person has their own timelines!

If you’re going through one, I recommend giving yourself extra TLC and follow your heart to know what you need. You might need extra:

There are many ways to explain what we experience in our lives. We get to choose the filter for our lens of life. And I want you to have this view of what you could be going through. I want you to be empowered to know that you could be expanding your energetic or spiritual self. If you weren’t so into the self-development stuff before becoming mom, that’s because that transformation of MOM expands us exponentially. If these up-levels are new to you, you now know what to look for and how to manage them better!

Lots of love,

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