Triggered By My husband: This is What I do

The holidays are awesome and special. We do so much (or so little!) to create memories for our littles.

And our spouses and partners like to as well.

Which is fine and dandy.

Except, they don’t always think like us which might trigger us a little.

We are magical. But we ARE human.

Maybe they didn’t pick out the presents you would’ve picked out for your little one.

Maybe they want the chocolate chip cookies baked differently than you like.

Maybe they aren’t as patient as you are as your child take their time unwrapping and studying what is new in their hand. (Christmas IS exciting!)

There is one phrase in my life that always helps me when I feel my triggers with my husband. This phrase found me about a year ago and serves me well all the time. I repeat it over and over in my mind until I can feel something inside me soften.

“I choose love.”

This is powerful for me because it re-roots me. Regrounds me. Makes me remember that he is important and untangles me from my own viewpoint (which can get really strong sometimes.) It provides the space and love for me to open back up and try again. It gives me perspective so I can change my course of actions towards him or the situation. Most of all, it deflates me and my ego. Enables me to see what I can do and be in the name of love. And that, my friend, makes me a better person in our marriage and family.

The lovely tree, aromatic cookies, delicately wrapped presents are such a wonderful treat. However, creating the memories WITH my husband (and giving into his ways sometimes) is really the best.

“I choose love.” 

I hope it finds you when you're in those tricky moments. ❤️❤️

Lots of love! xo

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