I REALLY Need To Take Care Of My Body.

I have always had a thing about my weight that goes far back as I can remember. I remember in 4th grade noticing how much space my thighs took up when I was sitting at my desk chair. In middle school, I went through the same insecurities that a lot of you probably did too. (Thank the heavens I didn't have IG or all this social media to amplify the issue then. I truly am sad for the teens of today that are exposed to the non-stop voice of beauty and image messages.) The only time in my life where I did NOT have concern about my body shape or size was during pregnancy. Hooray for that freedom!

I'm at a new place in my life, just like each of you. We are never the same twice. The seasons of life change us. Motherhood changes us. We experience new energetic downloads that shift us.

I am making steps to get my physical body in order. I was really into the inner work of my soul and energy for years. The tide has changed and now it's time that I make the space for the physical care--I'm going to be hitting a big reset button this week! (It will include dietary changes, moving my body more, drinking more water, and special mental quiet time.) Physical changes are the manifestation of our energetic expression. The physical and spiritual are so connected. We, as human and spiritual beings, must take care of both aspects of ourselves. 

One aspect is not more important than another. Hear that. One aspect is not more important than another.

There are times when we must dig in to ourselves and develop those psychic gifts, expand our energy, ground our energy, clear out ancestral patterns, tend to the trauma in our cells, expel all the gunk we've picked up from other people and all the other ways we can tend to our energetic beings. Then are times when we have a need to alter our diets, get more rest, reduce the time with our phones, stretch and exercise more, work on crushing our sugar cravings (raising my hand!!), drink more water, start or vary our supplement intake, etc.

If you've been feeling a pull to make some changes in your life, just start. It doesn't have to be perfect or pretty out of the gate. Follow the breadcrumbs by listening to the nudge. You can mess up. You can fall off the horse. Just dust yourself off and keep at it.  If that didn't work for you, either change your plan or work with your energy system to find a new understanding of what just happened (your angels/guides/spirit teams can also be very telling!). Give yourself grace to keep learning and going. With each movement, we learn something new about ourselves driving us closer to our best possible outcome!

Lots of love,

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