What Happened When I Cleared Out My Own Energy This Week

Life has been super stressful for me lately and I felt nudged to go out and use my clearing process. It was a wild ride of a session. I want to give you an insider look so that you can see how this amazing process show up. No two sessions are EVER the same. They are unique to where you are and what you need.

What I’m about to share with you are parts of my own personal experience that are not part of the standard clearing protocol. They were very unique to this particular day and session.

When I started the session, I basically showed up with a heart that was exhausted and desired for my angels and guides to just give me a place to “fall apart.” I needed a place to let it all go and just be held up. I began to feel the tears well up. My heart cracked wide open. It felt SO GOOD to just let it all go.

If you already got the free PDF with all the steps, you know that the first steps in the process are to reclaim, ground, and then expand your energy. On this day, I did none of that.

  • I jumped right into the next step of clearing my chakras. I did 1-7 front and back. And then did 45-8…one by one! It’s not typical for me to work on chakras 8 and beyond. It has come up through the years, but it’s rare.

  • We spotted dolphins swimming in the bay! Dolphin energy—it made my heart swell to see them and know it was another sign of support from my team. (I haven't seen them on a run in a very very long time.)

  • Energy that was sparkly came in and I used it to work thoroughly on my physical brain. I then used the same energy to envelope my spine taking care of my nervous system.

  • I saw myself wearing a crystal jeweled crown while I stepped into a vortex. The crown had rubies, white quartz, and emeralds.

After the session, I felt entirely wiped. I was able to fall apart, be held up, and then use my knowings to weave together an amazing healing session. I had no agenda for that session. I just was guided to get out. That’s what I love so much about my energy clearing protocol. I show up and the rest just flows. I don’t have to force myself through any of it. It’s completely organic, there’s no right or wrong.

I hope that you enjoyed the story and maybe even got a little inspiration for your own use!