"I am not picking up what my guides are throwing down!"

Ever feel like you know that you are being sent communication or signs from your guide or angel, but can’t make sense of it? If so, you aren’t alone.

There is a lot happening in our lives and sometimes deciphering what they are trying to get across isn’t in the cards when we are juggling so many things.

3 Ideas to Get You Past Stuck and Into Understanding
1. Clear out your energy. Using something like my systematic process is excellent for the cause. Or you can spray some smudge spray or take a relaxing walk. If you are too bogged down, it can come in clearly and with ease.
2. Set a few minutes aside to communicate with your guide(s), angel(s), or team. Your “on the fly” communication isn’t enough to really listen; take a few minutes to s-l-o-w down and see what they have to say.
3. Tell them you need the information in a different way. Maybe you FEEL things and it’s so intense, you’re avoiding it. Or maybe they aren’t being straightforward enough.

Relationships with our guides, angels, and spirit team are that—relationships. Two way roads. Each “person” must be heard. Work together. Very often we think of us just trying to catch their wisdom or direction, like we are at their mercy. But no, be not afraid to open up and share your needs and wants!

Was this helpful? If so, let me know which idea you want to try--comment below!

Lots of love,

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