Remembering the Healers that We Are

You don't have have a certificate in everything to be successfully you.

In our healing sphere, there are people that run around collecting this knowledge and that certificate. And it has the potential to leave you feeling totally inadequate if you're "pile" doesn't stack up as high as the other people's.

Having fewer pieces of papers or credit card receipts for workshops, retreats, or mp3s, doesn't make you inferior to others in any capacity. Nor does it mean what you have to offer is any less valuable.

Satiating the hunger inside is important. Finding the breadcrumbs to remember who you really are is crucial. We do find so much of ourselves on the quest. It IS deeply rewarding to seek and find.

I will never discount all the work, dedication, and sacrifices you made to get where you are. It takes curiosity, often cash, and a willingness to stretch into the unknown.

But, lovely, please remember, having more of these "accumulations" doesn't make you better or worse than another. Every persons journey is entirely unique. Do not think because you don't have all that stuff that you are not uniquely qualified to serve others. 

Maybe you don't have to train for 15 years before you are ready to impact those who you are uniquely designed to help. Maybe this life offered you a pretty good starting point so you can get there faster. Or maybe you already picked up exactly what you need to know. Or maybe you already worked through it in past lives and brought it full-strength with you in this life. There could be a million reasons why YOU don’t have to chase a list of programs, certificates, sessions, or workshops right now.

Time is irrelevant; wisdom comes with your soul. Selecting a healer is all about resonance and if you know they have something you want to be/do/have.

Do not let an artificial to-do list make you feel like you are not ready to step up into the party.

Rise. Mother. Integrate.

Serve those you are destined to help now!!