Why Perfect Timing is a Legit Thing

Timing is always perfect.

Even when it's not convenient.

I know you've had instances where by the sheer magic and wonder of the universe that things lined up to happen. And you joyfully celebrated those moments believing so much in your manifestation abilities and alignment.

But you think the times of struggle, stagnation, confusion, and pain aren't part of the same magical and wonderful universal plan?

It's hard to gracefully accept that the crappy moments or phases are perfectly orchestrated. 

We can't positive think your way through processing a difficult lesson or experience. Nor can we deny our feelings as we go through it.

Let's take those options off the table, please. 

What we can do is live through them. Like a challenging yoga poses or even a slight adjustment to one, we breathe through it. We call up our strength. Ask for guidance and direction from angels. We rely on our friends and soul sisters who "get it." We clear out our energy and get the healing from our favorite healers. We reflect on all that is given to us. We discover truth and spit out the rest (Ireally hope that's what you do--we can't force sense of every single detail, we'll go mad and steer ourselves out of alignment).

Live through it, my dears. You can do it. You'll come out on the other-side with new knowledge of yourself--which is true power.

You got this. I believe in you.