Using Music to Measure Vibrational Shifts

About 3-4 weeks ago, I had a very new-to-me sign that I have completed a phase, cycle, or up-level. 

I was jamming out to my *NSYNC Pandora station and noticed that I felt different listening to the music. Before this ah-ha, the music would transplant me back to my teens where things just felt magical. I would feel have a sense of being on top, “being cool” (which I NEVER was—but it was that self-hope feeling, know what I mean?), and huge expansion.

It was the stark contrast to this feeling I realized something significant shifted. Instead of feeling nothing short of amazing, I noticed I felt “flat” and distant from that part of life instead. It was like… BOOM. It was so far from me that I had no emotional connection to it any longer.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I tested my energy against another favorite station of mine, Jessica Simpson, and the same thing happened. And then listened to Cold Play (from which I had memories from my ex) and it felt the same way.

These multiple touch-points that once could instantly connect me to other moments of my life had dramatically shifted.

Last year was the start of huge changes and up-levels for me. All the inner work I have been doing over the past 3-4 years have been manifesting as physical reality. There have been loads of physical changes, emotional changes, psychological changes, and spiritual ones too.

Since January (2019), I’ve had two amazing healing sessions from other energy healing professionals and both pointed to old phases ending and new cycles coming forward. I deeply believe this awareness for my past is part of recognizing the detachment from the past and beginning a new cycle.

A couple of weeks ago, I began dreaming of running (which is a tall tell sign that we need to clear out our energy, IMO), so I picked up my energy clearing process. This week I went three times (which is a lot compared to my typical once every two weeks when things aren't so eventful). Without my own practice to be able to get into my energy so deeply, I wouldn’t have a way to take care of  myself while all this was happening.

That’s why I teach the process and believe it to be so important to our ability to RISE, MOTHER, and INTEGRATE all the pieces together. We have to have a solid practice to lean on to get us to our next up-level. 

I’m re-launching my program to help mommas get to that next place. If you’d like more info, I can send you details or we can set up a time to see if it’s the right fit for you. You can reply back or complete the form on this page and we’ll schedule that conversation: