What to do Instead of Chord Cutting

Last week, I cleared out three times. This is not my norm most of the time. I honestly haven’t cleared out this aggressively in a LONG time. 

One of the ah-ha’s that came out from my week last week was about a long held perspective about past relationships—in this life time and previous ones.

What if the chords that bind us to others are a result of OUR energy not theirs? Like really. It never dawned on me before that I, Nicole Karon, could be the one to create or maintaining a chord for my own reasons (self-protection, a breadcrumb to come back to, avoidance of healing, etc.). Talk about a new awareness of a possibility.

We typically think of the process of chord cutting or visiting our Akashic Record to release stuff. They can be very powerful tools for healing parts of ourselves.

But the idea that I was in control of the chord --unconsciously…mind blowing.

It was a new layer of taking responsibility. A new layer for healing.

The old story of what I thought I knew came into complete question. That’s growth. It’s about finding new possibilities to discover what my soul wants to me remember or know. 

Maybe when I realize what chord I have created (and for bonus points, why I maintain it), it’s then that I can learn what I need to and then can dissolve the connection. 

Big stuff for me. And I trust in the perfect timing of this delivered ah-ha. 

So you think you might have some chords out there that you created and maintain? Maybe I'm the only one... :-) 

That’s why clearing out is so important. We gotta get the gunk out of our energy system so that we can have the space to call in the knowledge we need now to live the life we want. Rise. Mother. Integrate. If you’re struggling with getting deep ah-ha’s for your business, life, or mothering, it might be high time to work with me. Learn more: nicolekaron.com/your-upgrade