If You Feel Deflated, Do This

There are so many things to feel like we should juggle or master, aren’t there?

It’s hard to feel so optimistic or positive about it all the time. It’s even harder to stay with something long-term. 

I hear moms all the time struggling with keeping a routine to clean their house, decluttering when they feel every room in the house is overwhelming, trying to feed their families with clean organic option or remove chemicals from their daily life and home, keeping to an exercise or eating plan, following through on a new parenting approach…the list goes on and on. 

That small list doesn’t even account for the stuff with improving our relationship with our spouse, boss, co-workers, friends, family, etc. 

All of the successes and failures of trying to be better can be entirely exhausting. 

When we find ourselves deflated and just tired of trying, we probably need to retreat a little and work on feeling good within ourselves. When we find that inner clarity or being sure , we will find a renewed sense of excitement, new ideas to approach problems, and a little pep in our step.

I want to give you a tip that will help to beat the deflated feeling. Using this tip will help you feel more like you again and lift you out of the funk. There are many suggestions I could make, but I want to give you just one so that I’m not adding to your pile of stress :-) 

Here it is… Call in your own energy. Use whatever words or imagery comes to mind when you think about calling in the pieces of you that are scattered around in different places or with other people. Go with the flow, let yourself all come back to you.

When? First, do it while you read this email—take the 30 seconds to start this practice right now. You can do this when you are upset, impatient, unsure what to do with your toddler, or in any heat of the moment time when you need a pause button. You can also do it when you are in the shower/tub, getting dressed, making breakfast, or each time you go up/down the steps. There is no limit to the possibilities. In summary, you can use it when you need or you can do it preemptively as part of your day.
Where? Anywhere except while you are driving. That's a big no-no for safety reasons.
How often? Do it as often you feel you want to. Once a day? 10 a day? Whatever.

Hope you find this to be a helpful little trick. It’s the very first step of the process I teach and lead clients through on The Clearing Journey. It’s a big one and has so many benefits!